The Life and Inspiring Poetry of a Woman from Kansas.

Velma Cochren Priest Terry, daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother (1915-1999).



August 19, 1983
I’ve raced across the mountain tops and hurled leaves in the air;
Yet softly rocked a hammock with a small child sleeping there.

I’ve thrown sand across the desert and piled it oh so high!
Screamed in the snowy blizzard drawing snowflakes from the sky.

Yet, in the stillness of the morning I’m gentle as a bird;
I can cool the aged, wrinkled brow when a sound cannot be heard.

I’m mighty when I’m angry as I hurl things everywhere;
Yet, as gentle as a whisper when a babe is in my care.

I can cool the sultry air and draw the gentle rain;
Sweep across the waving fields and ripen golden grain.

I can reach the highest mountain or walk in the valley low;
Can bring you comfort when it’s needed for God has willed it so.

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