The Life and Inspiring Poetry of a Woman from Kansas.

Velma Cochren Priest Terry, daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother (1915-1999).


MAGIC MOON. V. Terry (1982; musical arrangment Lou Priest)

Magic Moon / July 8, 1982 / [Music and vocal arrangements by Lou Priest.]

As we walked hand in hand and planned our days ahead:
I love you, you love me – this is what you said.

You held me in your arms and whispered soft and low;
Made a lot of promises beneath the soft moon glow.

It was just a magic moon that cast a spell on you;
As he danced across the sky and played with me and you.

I believed, and loved you too, and thought we’d never part;
Magic moon, had cast his spell and left a broken heart.

Magic moon, magic moon come cast your spell once more.
Paint those lovely clouds again, the way you did before.

Magic moon, magic moon shine down for us to see;
Cast your spell just once again and bring love back to me.

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