The Life and Inspiring Poetry of a Woman from Kansas.

Velma Cochren Priest Terry, daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother (1915-1999).


In Honor of Mother's Day

Written by Velma Dora Cochren Terry on March 25, 1958, to honor her mother, Annie Brown Cochren, and then dedicated to her after her death in 1961.  From the book In Her Own Words: The Inspirational Poetry of Velma Terry, edited with history by her daughter, Marilyn A. Hudson. 


Be kind to your mother
For when you were small
The cradle was rocked by her hand.
She tenderly watched, and
Oft times she prayed;
Her tears as the grains of sand.

Many times at her knee
At the closing of day,
Your childish prayer was said;
She kissed you good night,
And lovingly smiled, as
She carried you off to your bed.

Be kind to your mother
For lo on her brow,
Many traces of sorrow are seen;
We’ll may you cherish
And comfort her now
For loving and kind she has been.

She taught you of faith
In Gods, holy word
She told you of heavens above;
So remember her now
When she’s growing old
Don’t fail her, she needs all your love.

Mark 7.10
Exodus 20.12
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