The Life and Inspiring Poetry of a Woman from Kansas.

Velma Cochren Priest Terry, daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother (1915-1999).


Valley of Flowers (1995)

Terry, V. Dora and Louis Priest. Valley of Flowers. Lamar, Mo: Grafix Press, 1995. Printing was done by Grafix Express of Lamar, Mo. Graphic work and layout was done by Velma's son, Louis Priest. 47 pg; softbound;staple.
"Author's note: The "Valley of Flowers" is certainly written to describe life. Flowers bloom along the way. One day they bloom bright and rich, the next day, they are wilted and no longer beautiful. Flowers are the story of life, they will bloom forever, always sending us a message to live by."
Two of the poems in this collection were penned by son Louis Priest, "A Rose from Long Ago" and "Bright New Day."
The title was reprinted in March of 1996 and then reprinted once more in September 1996.

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